Taboo Play: How to Start the Conversation that Makes Everyone Uncomfortable

INDIANAPOLIS — Taboo play can run the gambit from mild to wild. Race, religion, consensual non-consent, abuse, trauma, interrogations, and a plethora of other taboo topics can and will be discussed in this class. We will discuss how to begin negotiations and trappings and pitfalls that come with this type of play.

Fetishep (or Shep as he is known by most) is a polyamorous and sadistic dominant who is as likely to ask you for a kiss as he is to ask to hurt you. Shep is a huge proponent of consent in all things and brings this attitude to his play, his teaching, and his life in general.

A disabled Navy vet living in Cleveland, Ohio, Shep was honored to be elected to the Board of Directors and chosen as the Chairperson of the board for the Ohio SMART group. SMART runs the annual event Kinko De Mayo (KDM) and monthly educational events.

He has been kinky as long as he’s been dating and incorporates all he has learned in his travels over the years into his play, relationships, and teaching. Among his classes are “Fire and Fire Safety”, “Taboo Play”, and two classes that are deeply personal and unique: “Kinky and Disabled”, and “PTSD and Triggers in the Lifestyle (A Top’s Perspective)”.

The father of three, Shep enjoys wood working, tinkering with all things Jeep, and long gimps off short piers. His BDSM interests vary wildly from rough body and taboo play, to flogging and fire (often both at the same time!).

*This class will be presented at the IKS Party on April 14 (event post coming soon)

Fetlife event page:

Date & Time: Friday, April 14, 2017 · 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM  
5th Quarter Lounge

306 Prospect Street, Indianapolis IN 46225   @ map

Cost: Free with $5 cover for IKS Party*
Dress code: Street legal, meaning all your naughty bits must be covered at all times in the bar. Vanilla in the hallway and bathrooms until after 10p.