SWIPE-Madison – Protocols – Fri, April 12 @ 7:30pm

MADISON, Wisc. – Southern Wisconsin Power Exchange  (SWIPE) is an all encompassing group which exists to support and enhance the Master/slave and Dominant/submissive lifestyle. Meetings are meant to be open, honest discussions, coming together as equals, communicating without fear, and are relationship-based. You do not need to be in a relationship to join us; however, our topics are based on relationship issues.

Madison’s April meeting topic is: Protocols

* What is a protocol?
* Do you have protocols within your relationship?
* If so, what are they?
* Are there protocols within the community you are a member of?
* If so, what are they?
* If a community has protocols, how do you know what they are?
* When protocols are broken, how do you recover from them?

Feel free to bring a snack or soda!

For location information, please contact cat_in_milw, Sir_Wieland, or slave_girl.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Click here for the event: SWIPE-Madison.

cat_in_milw, Sir_Wieland, and slave_girl