SWIPE-Madison: Fetishes, – Friday, March 8 @ 7:00pm

MADISON, Wisc. – Southern Wisconsin Power Exchange (SWIPE) is an all-encompassing group which exists to support and enhance the Master/slave and Dominant/submissive lifestyle. Meetings are meant to be open, honest discussions, coming together as equals, communicating without fear, and are relationship-based. You do not need to be in a relationship to join us; however, our topics are based on relationship issues.

NEW 2015 TIME – 7:00pm –9:00pm

Madison’s May’s meeting topic is: Fetishes

  • What does “fetish” mean to you?
  • What has to be there for you to get off (an object, an emotion, etc.)?
  • How does your fetish(es) affect your relationship(s)?
  • Are you more into the “thing” than the person?
  • Do you connect to the person with the “thing”?
  • Are you, you or your fetish list?


There is no charge for this new location. They will provide us with a private room; however, in order to get the room, we need to walk through the public areas of this family-friendly facility. Please dress vanilla.

The venue serves soup and sandwiches. You are not obligated to order anything; however, after the meeting, please take your dirty dishes to the counter. We promised them that we would leave no trace of our group in exchange for the free discussion space. Thank you for your cooperation.

As always, once you know the address of this new location, please be discreet. Venues for kinksters are a rare commodity. It took us several months to find this one; we can’t imagine how long it would take to find a different one if this doesn’t work out.

For location information, please contact cat_in_milw (smart phone owner) or Sir_Wieland (He does not have a smart phone; if you contact him after 3pm on Friday, he is unlikely to respond).

Looking forward to seeing you there! Click here for the event: SWIPE-Madison

cat_in_milw and Sir_Wieland