SWIPE-Madison – Burnout/Wanting to Leave the Lifestyle – Mar 14, 7:30pm

MADISON, Wisc. – Madison’s March meeting topic is:  Burnout/Wanting to Leave the Lifestyle

  • Ever experience crashing or burnout with the lifestyle?
  • Have Y/you wanted to leave the lifestyle and purge all Y/your stuff?
  • How did it affect Y/your relationship(s) when Y/you told someone?
  • How did Y/you handle these feelings?

VENUE CHANGE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Denny’s, 433 S Gammon Rd, in the back room.  Denny’s management is requesting that a minimum of a beverage be purchased per person for the use of the back room which is closed off to the public.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Click here for the event:  SWIPE-Madison