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ATLANTA — The Board of Directors, Officers and Staff of the Leather Heart Foundation would like to wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday weekend!

There are several events, large and small, local, regional, national and international, going on in our community over this long weekend, and many of us have the opportunity to enjoy the company of our clubs, our chosen and extended families, and of others in our communities.

Some of us will also have the opportunity to meet new people from other regions, different parts of our larger community, or even from right around the corner, and some of these people will also become family, friends, and “folks.”

We ask that you remember that any of those people, even we ourselves, could be one incident away from homelessness, illness without proper treatment, or other threats to our ability to “stay warm, safe, dry, and fed.”

It is our goal at LHF to be there when our community falls on hardship. You are that community, and we are powerless without you!

We exist because of you, to serve you, and are supported and funded (thank you!) entirely by YOU!

Think of us when you fundraise, pass the hat at events, when you have free time to volunteer or have goods or services to donate. Also, be good to each other and have fun.

We also (still, always!) need:

  • Your clubs, your MAsT groups, your bootblacks, munches, kitty piles and pup pits, your sports-ball teams, and any and all other kinky organizations!
  • Social Media – we have no one doing this, except our President and our Secretary. We need someone who knows what they’re doing and will help us establish this department, committee, or office, and do this job right.
  • Intake: This is undoubtedly the hardest job within the organization. You have to be trustworthy, able to communicate and write well, be tech savvy or willing to learn, and above all, be compassionate and patient because you’ll be dealing directly with members of our community who are facing some of the hardest times of their lives. We don’t want to frighten you away, but we want to be reasonable about the expectations. If you work well with people, are able to work independently (with training and supervision) and under pressure, and have some basic tech qualifications you may be just who we need!
  • Fundraising: Have a fundraiser for LHF! Ask us about buying/selling pins and (soon) patches, pass the hat at your club meeting or munch
  • Bootblacks, get involved with Soles With Heart! Ask us for details 🙂
  • Become a Patron: We need things! Print materials, office supplies, tech stuff like software and computers, capitol for merchandise to sell, and things we haven’t even thought of yet!
  • Serve on a Committee, the Board of Directors, or an Advisory Board
  • Become an Outreach Volunteer
  • Make a tax-deductible donation – We understand that many of you are already doing all that you can and have no more time to spare. Please consider making a donation in any dollar amount.

It’s hard work, but it’s also rewarding work, so please consider donating some of you valuable time and energy to the Leather Heart Foundation!
Sal (Chairman of the Board)
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More important stuff:

Our mission is to provide charitable assistance in times of financial hardship to individuals of all sexual orientations, across the U.S., who are members of the Leather, BDSM, M/s, Rubber and other fetish / kink communities, and this has been a huge year for LHF! We have already helped more than 45 members of our kinky community this year, and we expect at least 15 to 20 more applications before the year ends.

As of this year, the average applicant needs about $2,000 to get them on their feet, pay medical bills, etc., it takes at least 3 Intake volunteers to process each case, and we tend to have 3-5 open cases at any given time.

Thank you, from the bottom of our leathery hearts!

Leather Heart Foundation