Support Indiana Youth Group–Contact Your Legislator & Renew Your Plate Today!

Indiana Equality

The Indiana House Committee on Roads and Transportation, by a vote of 8-2, just severely limited the ability of Indiana Youth Group to have a specialty license plate. Yep, they actually did it.

PLEASE show your support for Indiana Youth Group by:

  1. Writing and calling your State Representative NOW. Tell them to stop this ridiculous and hateful Senate Bill No. 327. Don’t know your representative? Find him/her here:
  2.  Renewing your plate today. You don’t have to wait until your expiration month. It’s no-hassle, you can do it online, and the extra fee goes to IYG. Don’t let hateful legislators squash a fantastic group and their new license plate! To get your plate and show your support for LGBT youth, follow this link:

Indiana Youth Group was one of the first LGBT groups in the country to have a specialty license plate. Contact your legislators today and tell them that our kids are important and worthy of recognition.

Protect the ability of IYG to improve the lives of youth through this fundraising source that simultaneously shows your LGBT pride and support. Renew your plate today.

In solidarity,
Rick Sutton, President, Indiana Equality Action
Linda Ponterio, President, Indiana Equality