Sunday Louisville Munch Moves to New Location

LOUISVILLE – On the fourth Sunday of every month, Louisville Munch hosts its Sunday Munch.

*** We are now meeting at a different venue, so please call, text, or email if you need the new location information. ***

Our Sunday Munch is generally a smaller Munch, which makes for a fine atmosphere of stimulating conversation and more elegant surroundings than our other monthly gatherings.

If you’ve never been to a Munch before, this is a particularly good one to visit. Right before the Sunday Munch, we hold our Newcomer’s Meeting just up the road for you to get acquainted with other newcomer’s and ask any questions you might have before attending this munch. The smaller size and quiet atmosphere is ideal for those who shy away from large crowds, and is perfect for getting to know some other people in our community in a relaxed and private setting.

Our host restaurant is a great local place serving fine food at a reasonable price, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day long.

We have a private area at the restaurant just for us, so come right in and ask the host or hostess for the Louisville Munch. They will show you to our area.

I do hope you will come and be part of it! Please contact me directly if you need information or further directions.

Mr. Michael
Voice/Text: (502) 694-BDSM

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