StL3 January Education Night, Open to Public!!

ST. LOUIS – StL3 is a long standing social and educational group for kinksters, by kinksters, here in St Louis. Each month, we hold regular Education Nights for our StL3 members, and we are now opening a series of our Education Nights to the general public! There are several topics that we at StL3 consider so important, that we want to share our knowledge and experience with the entire community!!

So for the first in this Education series open to the public…


Jan 27th, 4 – 6pm
Shameless Grounds Library

Many people struggle with how to begin negotiations. Negotiations for a scene, in beginning Power Exchange relationship, with a long term relationship. In these discussions, we’ll touch on aspects from both the Top/Dom and the bottom/s/s side.

  • How do you negotiate a scene and still keep it fluid?
  • How do you ‘protect the property’ when playing with someone new?

‘Your own personal safety should be your own first priority!!’

  • How do you best communicate your physical and emotional limitations?
  • Should a submissive have their own toy bag?
  • How to not ‘stick your dick in crazy’.
  • What do you negotiate into a new relationship? And how do you effectively make changes as needed?

We’ll discuss all this & more!

So come on out to Shameless Grounds (< Click Here) for fun, good coffee & a great learning opportunity!!

Central Illinois BDSM