Stitch wins Mr. Chicago Leather 2018

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CHICAGO — Stitch Leatherdandy won Mr. Chicago Leather 2018 at the Leather Archives & Museum on Saturday, Jan. 27.

Stitch was one of six contestants vying for the title. The other contestants were Chewy, Nick, Saber, Juan and Corey. Chewy and Nick currently live in the Chicago suburbs while all of the other contestants live in the city.

Stitch is a member of Chicago Area Gear Enthusiasts (CAGE), Windy City boys Troop, Chicago Puppy Patrol and Chicago Rubbermen. His speech focused on chosen family and holding it close.

“What matters is taking care of each other,” he said in the speech. “Especially when we have a regime that’s out there trying to take away our rights so incessantly. So remember your chosen family and take care of each other.”

Second runner up was Corey and first runner up was Saber.

Along with the contest, there was also a community award given out. Joey McDonald, International Mr. Leather executive director, was given the Chuck Windemuth Mentor Award for his work in helping and guiding new community members into leather.

The judges were:

The tallymasters were Mr. Tri-State Leather 2012 Isaac Emerson and Chicago community member Stephen Turchin. Mr. Chicago Leather 2014 Miguel Torres was den daddy.

Stitch will represent Chicago at International Mr. Leather on Memorial Day Weekend.

Photos by Pup Bayard, video by Daddy Tom