Steve Bianchi Wins Mr. Ohio Leather 2014


The new Mr. Ohio Leather Steve Bianchi (center) and the contest judges. (Photo by Mrohioleather Rocky)

The new Mr. Ohio Leather Steve Bianchi (center) and the contest judges. (Photo by Mrohioleather Rocky)

ARKON, Ohio – The Iron Eagles/Rangers Joint Run, 2013 Leather Games, and the Mr. Ohio Leather 2014 Contest was held over the weekend of Oct. 11 in Akron, Ohio.

The Run opened on Friday night with both clubs performing for the attendees several on stage performances depicting different Leather Game events for a charity fundraiser.

The judges and contestants for the Mr. Ohio Leather event were announced as well. The judges were Mary Elizabeth Boyd, Steve Fortner, Susan Locke and Michael Locke. The contestants were Steve Bianchi and James J. Orosz, Jr.

The run and contest extended through the weekend beginning on Saturday with the Early Morning Coffee and Cocktail party hosted by our contestants wearing only their jock straps to help wake up the crowd from the previous night’s festivities. The Leather Games were held along with a luncheon at the Cocktails Akron bar followed by a leather forum hosted by the judges and contestants.

On Saturday evening the Run continued starting with the Parade of Colors. Five different clubs and organizations were represented. A formal dinner was followed up by the contestant’s speech category and then moving to the Cocktails Akron for the Pecs and Personality portion of the contest. Several new title holders in attendance were introduced including the newly sashed Ms. Cleveland Leather, D’Lyla Rose.

At the end of the evening, Steve Bianchi was named as the winner and awarded the sash of the Mr. Ohio Leather 2014!

A final day for the joint run of the Iron Eagles and Rangers and a celebration of the new Mr. Ohio Leather was held on Sunday.

Congratulations Steve Bianchi on the win and to the Iron Eagles and Rangers for a fantastic run weekend! Also special thanks to Jim DeLong, emcee and producer of the Mr. Ohio Leather Event.

John MrHayloft-LeatherBear
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