Stag Run Leather Weekend with Tri-State Leather/Pup/Rubber


MAUCKPORT, Ind. — The Men, boys and Pups of Tri-State Leather are excited to be returning to Stag Run for their annual Leather Weekend. If you’ve ever been, you know its a fun mixture of men, sun, leather, kink and an all around good time. If you’ve not been, now is your chance.

This year, we will have a dungeon space with bondadge tables, St. Andrews Cross and other accessories for your kinky pleasure and exploration. We will host the afternoon cocktail party on Saturday and will be available to answer any questions you may have about Tri-State. In addition, members from other Leather groups will be available to give you information about their respective groups.

Saturday evening, we will have the 4th annual Mr. Stag Run Competition. It’s a fun contest and we can ensure that it will be a good time. Don’t own Leather, not to worry. We will bring extra gear so if you are inclined to participate in the contest, we can be of help.

Mr. Tri-State Leather 2015 and Mr. Kentucky Leather 2015, David Hughes will be on hand for the weekend so if yu’e ever wanted to meet him, now’s your chance. So make your reservations today for a weekend that will be full of fun, sun, relaxation and exploration.

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