Spooky Ropey Times at MHK this Wednesday, featuring Sharp_Object

BELLEVILLE, Mich. — Sharp should be handled at your own risk. She has been actively rope bottoming for about two years, and she has a mouth that would make a sailor blush. Her primary interests include sadistic rope, impact, electricity, knife play, and being reduced to a stream of profanities as she processes generous amounts of pain. She is a major proponent of communicating limits and active bottoming, and she is currently active in the greater Detroit area.

This week, Sharp_Object is presenting a very special class for us.

Gary Busey & Other Icons: Bottoming for Painful Rope

Format: Presentation/demo and Q&A
Skill Level: Basic-Intermediate

This class will focus on enjoying painful rope and how to tell your top when the pain is no longer enjoyable. Distinct topics I am interested in covering are circulation issues and time management in painful ties.

Whether you’re new to rope or an old hand with it, MHK is the place for you. Each MHK event starts with a short demo, and then we open the space up to rope related practice and play! Or, you can hang out in the club’s hot tub with fellow rope people. Please bring your own towel if doing so.

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Also, all proceeds from pink rope sales this month will be donated to the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer Awareness month!

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