Special Joint Roundtable This February – “Withdrawing Consent”

CHICAGO – This month will be a special combined Roundtable, centering on a compelling topic of significant concern for all of us as individuals, and for our community at large:

“Withdrawing Consent & A Negative Aftermath”

A few of the ideas/issues that may come up in discussion… – Consent is withdrawn, but its revocation is ignored or violated. – Feeling able to withdraw consent. – Was it clear to the other party that consent was withdrawn? – The emotional effect on all participants. – Perceiving that consent is given by both, and can be withdrawn by either, side of the power equation. – Recognizing when to withdraw consent. – And more…

In our community, clear communication, healthy interactions, and ethical considerations are constants in the ways we define ourselves, as well as in what we bring to our play and relationships. When consent is withdrawn and the outcome is bad, it becomes a litmus test of the best we bring and the worst we fear. Come join the discussion on this vital topic.

Saturday, February 16th / 6:00pm-8:00pm / at LRA

Dominant/Top/Master Facilitators: Min & MztrsCarol

Submissive/Bottom/Slave Facilitators: Mimi & Bal

Switch Facilitators: Ann & Colt

(For this special combined Roundtable, in the first half we’ll start the discussion in our usual autonomous peer groups. For the second half, we’ll come together to share the ideas and feelings that have come up in our individual groups.)

~see who’s coming on the Fet event page here~

The Roundtables are jointly organized & co-sponsored by GD2 & LRA for those involved in a chosen lifestyle or are simply curious to meet, share and learn in a safe, controlled and private environment. So come out and share with us your knowledge, ask your questions, or maybe even meet someone new to the lifestyle whom you might able to assist, as a mentor, on your journey.

To R.S.V.P. for the session, please e-mail MztrsCarol@aol.com. Also remember, you must be at least 19 years of age with appropriate governmental photo identification to attend. As always with LRA and GD2, there is no cost to attend these events. You do not need to be a member of either club to attend the Roundtables. Members of GD2 and LRA will need their membership cards.

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