SPANK @ CampNCN Black River Falls, WI June 13-16

We want to welcome you to come and enjoy the experiences that NCN’s SPANK has to offer all our Lifestyle Friends.

Please note that we are LGBT friendly and this event is open to all.

BDSM is a lifestyle of a wide variety of kinks that includes the soft sensual side of Bondage and Discipline, the TPE (total power exchange) of Dominance and Submission, and it may or may not include the pain that Sadist/Masochist enjoy giving and receiving. There is such a wide variety to explore, learn, and enjoy. We want you to come and experience all you can and have fun doing it.

At SPANK we offer a wide variety of dungeon equipment for your enjoyment. That includes 5-6 St. Andrew Crosses, a Bondage Horse/Spanking Bench, Stocks, Massage /Bondage Tables and more.

In addition there is plenty of room for everyone to setup their own equipment for play.

The dungeon will be open Thursday 4pm to 2:30 am, Friday noon to 2:30 am, and Saturday noon to 2:30 am. If you have any special requests for dungeon room/space or questions please talk to the Dungeon Master on duty. The Dungeon Masters will be Master Gary and his lovely wife Mistress Exira K, along with Master Snake and his mate Mistress Lakota Woman. They are more than happy to help you with any questions or needs. A sign up board with available times will be accessible for anyone wanting to sign up to do demonstrations/classes in any kink they are knowledgeable in. Please be sure that you have experience and knowledge in the kink you want to present to the community.

We prefer no scat, urine (yellow showers) or messy blood play out-side your camp area in consideration for the safety of others. We want to prevent the possibility of any passable illnesses and any clean-up will be the active participant’s responsibility. We do not have any medical staff on hand so all play must be Safe, Sane and Consensual at all times. Risk-Aware Consensual Kink standard of conduct for the healthy enjoyment of BDSM participants acknowledges that there are always risks in any kind of activity which must be understood and accepted.

We have venders available for those interested in purchasing BDSM items/equipment as well as a convenience/sex shop for those items you forgot to pack that you may need.

We welcome venders to attend and ask that you contact NCN’s manager/owner Marv @715/299-7138 for fee’s and availability.

For your convenience and comfort dress as you please whether it be fetish wear, nudity or street clothes. For those with fetish wear there may be a surprise costume award so bring your fun clothes.

Wisconsin Kinksters