Southwest LeatherSIR, Southwest Leatherboy, and Arizona Ms Leather

Via press release

Master Onyxe, Arizona Ms. Leather
George Saltzman, Southwest
LeatherSir and boy Bamm-Bamm,
Southwest Leatherboy 2012 at Leather
in the Desert. (Photo by
Dan Fabrici)

During the inaugural Leather in the Desert weekend, held March 1-4 2012 in Phoenix, AZ, George Saltzman won Southwest LeatherSIR 2012, boy Bamm-Bamm became Southwest Leatherboy 2012, and Master Onyxe became Arizona Ms Leather 2012. Mark Christensen, Arizona LeatherSIR 2012 took Southwest LeatherSIR 2012 first runner up.

SIR George and boy Bamm-Bamm will compete at ILSb this year while Master Onyxe will compete at IMsL 2013.

The judging panel included head judge Alan Penrod, Intl LeatherSIR 2012, Pup Nitro, Intl Leatherboy 2012, Luna, Intl Community Bootblack 2012, robert torrance, Southwest Leatherboy 2011, Joe Brumley, Southwest Leather Conference Executive Director, Justice Prevails, Empress III of the Imperial Court of Arizona, Kyle McDonel, Mr Phoenix Leather 2010, and slave alena girl, Southwest Leather Conference executive assistant. Keith Davi and Brian Glanville of Bear Nation were tally masters.

Pup Mohawk was judge’s boy, Alan Keeler was den boy and Steve Marino and Drew Sauer were Stage Managers.

The weekend started with Boots and Burgers at Apollo’s lounge on Thursday followed by Greet the Meat Kink Auction and Demos on Friday at Anvil bar. Kink items auctioned were 25 minutes worshiping SIR Alan, an electro session with Pup Nitro, and a hot bondage bootblacking from Luna.

Saturday, a formal leather dinner attended by 56 leather-folk at Friends was followed by the contests at the packed Bunkhouse Saloon where the newly formed Albuquerque boys of Leather publicly presented their colors for the first time.

On Sunday a victory brunch (can you say bacon?) was held at Friends and the weekend wrapped up with Sloppy Seconds at Anvil bar.

Emcees Stephen Palaschak, Southwest Leatherboy 2008 and Shawn Shaw started the contests by introducing the Phoenix boys of Leather Color Guard for the National Anthems followed by a blessing from the Sister Navi Ho of the Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Guests of honor were Master Mystic and slave marika, Southwest Master and slave 2012, Grrl Bear, Southwest Bootblack 2012, and Lokie, Mr Phoenix Leather 2012.

Bootbalcks for the weekend were Grrl Bear, Southwest Bootblack 2012, Blake, and slave tabitha, Southwest Bootblack 2009.

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