South Bend Kink Class & Demo: Tactile Play

SOUTH BEND – South Bend Kink is very happy to have Sir_Dave_SB host our event in April on Tactile play.  Sir Dave has been in this lifestyle for 32 years and has been in various communities for 29 years.  He started out in San Francisco as a Dom-For-Hire but mostly went into that line of work to learn more about various forms of play.  Although delightfully twisted, Sir Dave does not classify himself as a sadist and enjoys non-painful forms of play.

What is tactile play you ask?  It is affecting a persons senses with some of the most common items.  Many people in this lifestyle are not into pain play, so what exactly do they play with?  How do you Dominate without inflicting pain??

This introduction class will get you well aquainted with less painful ways to create an erotic, sensual, and powerful scene. It will cover topics such as:

1.  Mind Molding, or getting into a persons head during a scene by using their senses. 2.  Different erogenous zones – because there are many others that are not the chest and groin. 3.  Kink on a budget, and great uses for miscellaneous toys. 5.  Using items in many, many different ways.

Bring your favorite and most unique pervertable (a toy you can find in the vanilla world that works well in a scene – ie a wooden spoon, back scratchers) so other people can share great ideas.

Doors open at 3:30 pm. The demonstration starts at 4:00.


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This is a closed event for South Bend Kink members, and requires a guest roster for all who attend. Sub_julianna will be creating this roster based on the RSVP’s on fetlife. If you have not RSVP’d BY NOON ON THE 1st, you will not be on the roster. If you are not on the roster, you cannot get in. No Exceptions!!

All who RSVP must be a member of South Bend Kink. You can join the group by clicking -HERE-.

If there are extenuating circumstances, please email sub_julianna and we can work something out.

Parking Directions: Entrance for event is on the south side of the building, through the center door. Handicapped accessible through the south side rear door via the ramp. Parking is also on the south side of the building, in the back parking lot (via Pennsylvania Ave), or along Pennsylvania Ave. Do not park in the Pepsi parking lot. The parking lot is located right next to a building with the sign “Purple Porch.”

To keep everything safe and legal, we require waivers to be signed at the entrance. Please plan your time accordingly so you can be at the class on time and not stuck at the door doing paperwork. A photo ID is required, and all paperwork is kept under lock and key and is strictly confidential!

Fetish wear is acceptable once inside the venue, but please use discretion. Absolutely no nudity, meaning breast and pubic area MUST be covered with non-sheer material. Vanilla casual must be worn outside the building.

All “overage” in funds received will go toward the rent for the next SBK event or back into the group through refreshments and goodies (ie. t-shirts, etc).

Lets all have a great time with this and have a lot of fun learning together!

Fetlife Event Page

Date & Time: Saturday, April 06, 2013 · 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
LangLab South Bend

1302 High Street South Bend, IN                      @ map

Cost: $5 at the door
Dress code: Fetishwear is acceptable.  See below for guidelines.

SBK – South Bend Kink (Indiana)