SMARTies April meeting – Binding Intentions with Traeonna, April 3

OhioSMARTCLEVELAND — Come join us on April 3rd for a special extended format SMARTies class with Traeonna!

Binding Intentions: Utilizing Rope in Ritual, Energy Work, and Other Practices

Rope is an extension of self, a means of communication, and a transformative tool. Through a combination of rope binding and pressure, physical touch, and cultivating an awareness of shared experience, participants will learn techniques that can be used for various types of energy exchange, ritual practice, or to deepen the connection between partners. Participants will explore this tool through discussion, demonstration, hands-on exercises, and ritual practice. No rope skills or previous energy work is assumed or required. Partners are not required, but are encouraged.


Involved with the leather and kink communities for 20+ years, Traeonna is a passionate and experienced educator that teaches hands-on workshops and presents on a variety of topics in the leather, kink, occult, flow arts, and other alternative communities. Traeonna is an honorary alpha member of La Fraternitié du Loup-Garou in addition to being a member of several Ohio and Michigan groups. Traeonna considers herself an endorphin enthusiast and silly sadist who enjoys a good laugh when playing. It has been said she is “the sweetest, most innocent looking sadist you would ever want to meet.” When not tying people up, playing with fire, or teaching hula hoop classes, she loves to sew, bake homemade granola bars, drink tea served by her minion (Ember), and amuse her Bear (Kiltgrrl) with her antics.

Remember to bring:
-A good attitude
-Willingness to learn, share, and be a part of the community
-Rope, if you have some(we do have some to share)
-Comfy clothes(or not)
-Valid, state-issued identification

Since this is a longer event, bringing snacks/food to share are encouraged, but not required. We will have a break or two to refresh, rehydrate, and nosh.

SMARTies meetings are open to anyone 19 and older and no membership is needed. We aim to be an fun, education-based group focused on teaching, sharing, and exploring the fascinating world of rope, open to ALL levels of experience.