Sir James, boy Gary and Bootblackgirl Susy win inaugural Central Canada titles

New Central Canada titleholders Sir James, boy Gary and Bootblackgirl Susy. (Photo courtesy of CCSB)

New Central Canada titleholders Sir James, boy Gary and Bootblackgirl Susy. (Photo courtesy of CCSB)

TORONTO – The inaugural Central Canada LeatherSIR, Leatherboy and Community Bootblack 2014 contest weekend was held Thursday, April 17 through Sunday, April 20 (the Easter long weekend) in Toronto, Ontario. The Presenting Sponsor was Steamworks Baths Toronto, the official bathhouse of CCLSb/CCCB. As the Central Canada titles were awarded for the first time, the former regional titles of Eastern Canada were retired.

Sir James of Toronto, Ontario, claimed the title of Central Canada LeatherSIR 2014, and boy Gary, also of Toronto, claimed the title of Central Canada Leatherboy 2014. With only one contestant in each category, Sir James and boy Gary were required to achieve a minimum score of 70% to be awarded their title. Bootblack Henry of Ottawa, Ontario and Bootblackgirl Susy of Toronto competed for Community Bootblack. When the scores were tallied, Bootblackgirl Susy won the title of Central Canada Community Bootblack 2014. Sir James, boy Gary and Bootblackgirl Susy will advance to compete at the 2014 International LeatherSIR, Leatherboy and Community Bootblack contests in Dallas, Texas on Labour Day weekend. The event will run Thursday, August 27 through Sunday, September 1, 2014; see for more information.

Members of the panel of judges for CCLSb were Sir George Saltzman, International LeatherSIR 2013, from Phoenix, Arizona,  and from Toronto, Ontario: Master Tony Palazzo, International LeatherSIR 2009; Master R, Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2013; Dominic Fournier, Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2013, and Sebastien Fontaine, Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2003. Judges for CCCB were: Paul William, International Community Bootblack 2013, from Seattle; Ron “cub” Tummon, Bootblack Toronto 2005, from Toronto; and, Eli Campanaro, Bootblack Toronto 2007, from Toronto. Iain Bennett, Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2011, was Tally Master for both panels. Prior to the contest, the producers of CCLSb announced the appointment of Master Tony as the permanent Head Judge for future CCLSb judging panels.

The CCLSb/CCCB contest weekend depended on a roster of talented and dedicated volunteers from the Toronto community: Alex Condie, Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2012, as Judge’s boy; Dan Madden was Den Daddy; Fenn, Mr International Rubber 2010, served as Stage Manager; and, Gloria McIsaac, as Box Office Manager. Boy Darcy, Jason Forbes and Paul Hilderbrandt handled event operations. Tom Stice, International slave 1995 and Southeast Mr Drummer 1998, of Chicago, Illinois returned as contest emcee.

The contest weekend kicked off with sex and sweat at the Squeal leather party held Thursday night at Steamworks Baths. Changing Of The Guard, the official meet and greet reception with contestants, judges and event attendees, was held Friday afternoon at Club120. The event featured keynote speaker Nancy Irwin, of Toronto, a 20-year SM activist, author, educator and community organizer, followed by an ‘In Conversation’ interview with Master Tony Palazzo, conducted by CCLSb/CCCB co-producer Brandon Matheson, in which Master Tony captivated the audience with a rare, personal insight into his 30 years of leather life. The CCLSb/CCCB contests took place Saturday afternoon at Club120, followed later that night by Masquerade, Spearhead’s annual dance party and the official CCLSb/CCCB Victory Party, held at the club Erotico. Saturday night survivors were up in time to join the new Central Canada titleholders at the Sunday Victory Brunch at the Churchmouse pub. The contest weekend wrapped up with Rough House, the popular Sunday afternoon BDSM dungeon party at Club120.

The Saturday contest included the presentation of the 2014 Community Builder Award to boy Darcy, for his dedicated volunteer service at Rough House and LeatherSIR/Leatherboy events. The Boy’s Spirit Award was presented to Farrell Collier in recognition of his outstanding commitment to leather life and the leather community. The award is memory of Andrew MacDonald, Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2005, who passed away July 2010.

The contest weekend marked the official step-down for the 2013 Eastern Canada titleholders Master R and boy Dominic, who are the last to hold their respective Eastern Canada titles. In January 2014, the Eastern Canada region that has existed since 2003 was eliminated to create three new regions: Central Canada, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

LeatherSIR and Leatherboy are “player’s titles” — erotic titles representing the sexual side of gay leather men. The primary goal of CCLSb is networking and outreach, to help educate the community about leather men, our erotic expression, traditions and history – and of course, BDSM and hot leather sex. Contestants are judged in four categories: Interview; Speech & Image; Physique; and Fantasy Scene. Judges conducted the interview portion on Friday; the remaining three categories were done on stage during the contest on Saturday. The leathersex Fantasy Scene portion of the contest is one thing that sets CCLSb apart from contests styled after the International Mr Leather format. Contestants use the fantasy scene to show judges their preferred types of BDSM and leather play.

CCCB is a player’s title open to all bootblacks. While CCLSb titleholders wear their sexuality on their sleeve, the Community Bootblack titleholder works to remind people that many leatherfolk also wear it on their feet. The CCCB contest and title are about representing the sexual side of boots, bootblacking traditions and history — and, of course, hot boot play! In addition, the Community Bootblack is a guide and mentor to those starting to explore blacking, and shares their experience and information with established bootblacks. Contestants in CCCB are judged in five categories: Interview and Personal Image; Speech; Formal Personal Image; Technical Boot Shine and Technical Boot Interview; and Interpersonal Skills and Observation.

Steamworks Baths Toronto ( is the Presenting Sponsor of CCLSb/CCCB 2014 and is the official bathhouse of CCLSb/CCCB. Community Partners were Club120 (, Northbound Leather (, Spearhead Toronto (, the Churchmouse (, Black Eagle Toronto ( and CLAW (

Central Canada LeatherSIR, Leatherboy and Community Bootblack are produced by Brandon Matheson (Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2004) and Dan Falkenham (Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2004), who have produced the Eastern Canada contest since 2005.

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