Updated: Sir Greg of Indianapolis Passes

Greg Slaven at IML 36

Greg Slaven at IML 36

INDIANAPOLIS – We have received word that Sir Greg Slaven of Indianapolis took his own life at his home on Sunday night. Greg was a member of the class of IML 36, Mr. 501 Eagle 2014 and International Mr. Olympus 2012.

Ms. Tammy of Louisville, a member of the Great Lakes Olympus family, posted this on her Facebook page today:

It is with a very heavy heart that I must share the news of another loss within our leather community. Overwhelmed with grief and sadness, Sir Greg of Indianapolis ended his life last night.

Let this serve as a reminder to ALL of us to reach out to one another when we need help, to seek support in times of need, to allow others the opportunity to lift us up when we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. No problem is so great that we cannot solve it together.

Take the grief and anger that you feel right now as you read these words……and USE it as an impetus to reach out to your leather brothers and sisters. Tell them how much you love them. Hug them like you may never see them again. Remind them that you are there……and that leather brothers and sisters leave no one behind. ‪#‎nooneleftbehind‬.

Greg was preceded by his partner slave aaron and is survived by his boy Jesse. Greg and his family were active both in Indianapolis and across the Great Lakes leather community.

Ms. Kendra, executive producer of Great Lakes Leather Alliance, said, “I would like to express to the leather community that we are saddened and shocked at the passing of Sir Greg.  We are planning a memorial for our leather family.”

Great Lakes Olympus published this statement on their Facebook page:

The Great Lakes Olympus Leather family is saddened by the passing of Sir Greg, our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends at this this time.

The Den will publish information on the memorial as it becomes available.

On behalf of the staff of the Great Lakes Den, our hearts go out to Indianapolis and all those who know Greg. Many of us here knew and liked Greg. Saying he will be missed just doesn’t express our feelings.

We also implore all our readers that if you are contemplating suicide, please reach out. Call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800-273-8255 or the leather community help line We Are Here at 812-250-9361.

UPDATE: The death is now being reported on the Indianapolis Star website and the Advance Indiana blog. According to the Star, Greg was still under an internal investigation but had been cleared of any wrongdoing in Aaron’s death.

Advance Indiana is run by a libertarian who reported on Aaron’s death last month and insinuated a cover-up. The blogger, Gary Welsh, has also been lifting comments from the Facebook pages of those who knew Greg, most notably Steve Slaven. We encourage all readers to block Welsh from access to any of their Facebook profiles, pages or groups. Do not let him get more ammo.

There is a memorial planned for both Greg and Aaron on Saturday, June 6, at the 501 Eagle in Indianapolis. Time and details will be given out as they are confirmed.

Also, this weekend’s fundraiser by Indiana LeatherSir 2015 Sir Chaz at the Pride Bar & Grill in New Albany has been cancelled. Chaz will be staying in Indianapolis to help with the impact the loss of Greg in the city.