Silence Shoot Charity Party, April 4th

Silence ShootDETROIT, MI – Bullying affects all of us, young, old, black, white, male , female, it may be called something else but it all the same thing. It is degrading and makes one feel less than. We as a business community and community leaders need to take a stand with this young man. We must lend our voice to Matthew so his is loud enough to reach the world.

Community leaders taking a photo will make a huge impact on Matthew’s mission.

Below is his response to a person’s experience with bullying:

“My siblings are bullied almost twice a week at their schools, and this is why I created it. I wanted them to see that there are many people out there who support the little guy/girl when they’re down. I had someone hug me, in tears during my shoot at CMU, telling me that she had lost two friends in high school because of them being bullied into suicide. This killed me, and pushed me to want to make this shoot something that every little girl or boy can see, so they can know that there are so many people out there, warm and loving people, who would be there for them if they needed someone to cry to.

Sorry, didn’t mean to ramble just then, but this shoot is very important to me, and knowing that you think it is important as well makes it even more of an impact to be able to bring an event down to Menjos in Detroit.”

Can’t make the event? It’s okay, you can still support! Gift cards that can be used anywhere, walmart gift cards, cash or checks would be the most helpful. Any amount of donation is appreciated, nothing is too big or too small! Please mail all donations to The New Menjos Complex at 928 W. McNichols Rd Detroit, MI 48203 and put Silence Shoot in the memo line.

For more information feel free to visit the Facebook Event Page