Shave & A Haircut Fundraiser in Minneapolis, Oct. 24

Shave and a Haircut

MINNEAPOLIS – I’ve heard the phrase, “I’m gonna cut that hair of yours off,” from a lot of people. Someone will get to say it for real on Friday, October 24th at The Saloon MN when the use of a pair of hair clippers will be auctioned off and I guess I start looking into winter caps.

A portion of the money raised is going to Carter/Johnson Leather Library with the rest forming the start of a travel fund which I will use to represent my Great Lakes Leather boy title and Minnesota around the Great Lakes Leather Alliance region. Chat me up about my travel plans at the event.

In addition, since so many of you were supportive of me in my run for Great Lakes Leather boy but couldn’t travel to Indianapolis, I will be performing my GLLA Introductory Speech and Fantasy (with the help of Tim Holden and Randy & Bud Ingram-Lile).

The fun starts at 6:30 with some social time before the speech and fantasy. Then at 8:00 the auction will begin followed immediately by the shearing and more social time where I’d imagine a lot of people will be rubbing my scalp.

Hope you can make it!

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Tim Hotchkin