Seth Fornea – Ginger Bear

During the Bear Expo at Menjos Detroit, I was able to interview Seth Fornea, a ginger muscle bear, go-go dancer, and adult male model.

Bayard Matty: First things first, as a sniffer puppy I have to ask you, what do you smell like:
Seth Fornea: *holding up his arm* You tell me

BM: *inhales his pit deeply* Oh my god, sooooo good! Ok, now what do you taste like? *leans in to lick Seth’s furry chest*DSC04118
SF: Strawberries, but not just your everyday strawberries.

BM: *stops licking and looks up from his chest quizzically*
SF: Hydroponically grown strawberries, never touched by human hands.

BM:  Ok, now what is your stage name?
SF: Seth Fornea, also my real name.

BM: Age? Height? Weight?
SF: 34, 6’, 206 lbs.

BM: Do you read much?
SF: No

BM: Ok then, next questions… What’s your favorite TV show right now? Why?
SF: The Originals on CW, I’m obsessed with vampires and New Orleans and especially vampire shows set in New Orleans. So for me it’s almost perfect.

BM: What kind of music do you listen to mostly?
SF: Mostly house music on Sound Cloud.  My favorite right now is DJ Felipe Lira. He’s out of Salvador, Brazil.

DSC03750BM: Very Cool. How often do you exercise?

SF: I try to everyday, but sometimes when I travel it’s a little hard.

BM: I can see that, We’re gonna go a little more personal now. What’s your favorite type of guy?
SF: My favorite type of guy…umm…probably a six foot tall guy from Medellin, Columbia.

BM: Ok, why that specific?
SF: Because they’re delicious.

BM: How important is body hair to you?
SF: It isn’t that important, though I would rather they have body hair than be prickly.  I would rather them just be naturally smooth or naturally hairy.

BM: Not that in between, you don’t like that shaved and it’s just coming back.
SF: I hate the sandpaper stuff, yes.

BM: If you had to pick a 5” and thick cock or a 10” and thin cock, which would you pick and why?
SF: Because thin cocks just feel like gummy worms coming out of your ass.  Everyone likes to be stretched a little bit.

BM: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does size really matter to you
SF: 10

BM: Name a porn actor who’s cock is too big for you.DSC03997
SF: There’s no such thing.

BM: Crooked Dicks, a problem or something you can work with?
SF: Shaped upwards is great for being fucked on your back, downwards is great for doggy style, and left or right, you just got to maneuver that shit sometimes. I don’t discriminate.

BM: Who’s your favorite performer to work with?
SF: Probably Eddie Eduardo, another go-go dancer.  He goes by Ginger Eddie.  We work a lot of circuit parties together.

BM: How long were you in front of the camera before you felt comfortable?

SF: Probably two years

BM: And how long have you been in the industry now?
SF: About 4 years

BM: Do you have a partner? And how has working in the i
ndustry affected your relationship.
SF: Yes, we both work in the same industry. We are both the non jealous type, so for us it’s been a breeze.

BM: So Top, Bottom, or Verse?
SF: Probably 80% bottom, I only top if I’m backed into a corner and I have no other option *maniacal laughter ensues*

BM: What’s your favorite position?
SF: Probably on my back

DSC03742BM: *sensory overload at this point* Legs up thrown over the shoulders?
SF: Hell yeah

BM: Scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like laying in bed with a guy and making out for hours?
SF: 10, that’s the best part.

BM: Does it bug you when you meet a fan and you know that he’s jerked off to you?
SF: No

BM: Is it a turn on?
SF: Yeah, especially if they show me video.

BM: In real life, have you ever been hit on by someone famous?
SF: Yes, A couple of times

BM: If you could fuck one celebrity, who would it be?
SF: James Marsden

BM: Batman or Superman?
SF: Batman, I like his black cape better than the red cape.

BM: You’d think you’d enjoy the red cape better?
SF: Clark Kent just seems so boring.

BM: But he’s not Clark Kent, he’s Superman!
SF: At least Batman has his dark cave and a bad ass car.

BM: So I got asked this question when I was running for a titlDSC04120e back in February. Which Golden girl would you be and Why? And what would your kinks or fetishes be?
SF: I think Rose, because of I’m so gullible. I would love getting a black eye from someone slapping their dick in my face.

BM: Bears Versus Cubs?
SF: I’m not really into terms

BM: What do you define as a Bear?
SF: For me it’s more of a state of mind.  I would define a bear as a little more easy going, less concerned about body image and a little more chill.

BM: I’m a puppy, what do you think of pup play in the world right now?
SF: I understand Pup play and think for some people it’s great.  I haven’t personally explored it yet so I don’t know if its something I like….but I continually evolve sexually as I age so who knows.

BM: What are your kinks?
SF: Balls!! I love like really heavy balls that slap your taint when you’re fucking. I guess that’s not a kink. I’m so vanilla. Even when I get cheesecake I get no toppings.

BM: So I have just a few fan questions for you. What’s your favorite place to vacation?
SF: Miami, it has everything that I love. Beach, Sun, and Fun!

BM: How do you maintain balance in your life?
SF: Balance is healthy mix of diet, excersize, traveling, and quality time with those I love

BM: Final Question: How do you feel being categorized as the “hot ginger”? By that, how do you feel about your other attributes being overlooked?
DSC04121SF: I don’t feel things are overlooked. People compliment me on my personality, my friendliness…lots of things besides just being ginger

BM: One last and final thing from me.  Can I get a picture in my favorite puppy pose?
SF: Sure you can.

It was great talking to Seth and getting to know him a bit throughout the evening. As the night went on, Seth found me a few times, he gave me scritches and talked puppy to me. He pulled me into that jock again as we were waiting for people to take pictures. I was in bliss. Seth went and got a massage in the Bear Sauna and proceeded to dance and have fun for the rest of the night. He was gracious enough to autograph a picture for me that said To Bayard, with ARF ARF, Love Seth!

I also want to thank Piero Palomino for the beautiful pictures he took throughout the evening.