Servant’s Retreat – Chicago May 5 -6

Via press release

Servant’s Retreat
May 5 – 6, 2012 : CHICAGO, IL
10 years of fortifying great service… Servant’s Retreat has stood the test of time.
Share the experience of 2000+ submissives, slaves, bottom and servants.

Intensive weekend for bottoms, submissives, servants, slaves, and kinksters to examine many of the real life issues of service, self, their past and present and how that contributes positively and negatively to service and themselves. You do not need to be in a relationship to attend. Interactive, worksheet based seminars.

We’re adults, tackling adult topics and ready to create more personal satisfaction in our worlds.  SR is a place to build a reality where you’re secure, safe, and can deliver the best you in service and in life. Don’t miss the additions to your tool box that SR may add or the experience of immersing yourself in exploration. 

To reserve your spot for Servant’s Retreat, you will need to prepay. RSVP early due to extreme group size limitations.

Please go to Http:// for a glance at the schedule, registration forms, and fees. Please click on Skillshops from the main menu and look for Servant’s Retreat at a drop down item.

From the feedback from SR participants:

“…used to expecting conventional class style and it was so much more directive, intimate, and focused. There isn’t anything else like this. If you already have it together, do yourself the favor. I wish I’d taken it years ago.”

“It was far more than I imagined- so much to digest and to consider how to apply in my life and D/s relationship…I will have to reflect deeply on all of the exercises, sessions, and what I have written.”

“It made me think and has given me several things to work on and to continue thinking about. I have received some good tools for my slave toolkit.”

“Hard- not harsh- but hard to face the acknowledgement of so many of my “barriers” to service are my own creation and perpetuation. I feel like I did gain: 1) insight I did not have; 2) learned truths about myself I had not stopped to consider; and 3) was given tools or paths of possibilities to take away and apply.”

“All of the sessions were incredibly helpful and all were absolutely necessary. Everything was so wonderfully integrated- one part easily flowed into the other and was so thoroughly researched and well thought out. If you want an education—this is it.”

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