September Rubbermen News in Chicago

CHICAGO – It’s time again for us to visit the Cell Block Chicago (3702 N. Halsted) for a little bit of socializing and a whole lotta rubber. Join us on Saturday, September 22 for drinks and remember to visit us in the back bar and visit our guest bartender! Fun starts after 10:30 PM. We look forward to seeing you there.

We Have a Swag Store!
You may have seen Pleep and Rubber Kai handing out stickers at our anniversary party. No? Turns out that’s not all we have. We now have a swag store over at Cafe Press. Shirts, mugs…dog bowls (yes, really) stamped with the club image so you can show off your rubbermen pride. Sales of items help cover the cost of the item and help support future events by the club. So check it out! Cafepress Chicago Rubbermen Store.

Gear Sale @ MIR
Every year, we host the gear sale at Mister International Rubber. This year should be our biggest year yet! If you are looking to sell your gear, we’ll do it for you. If you’re looking to buy slightly used gear for CHEAP, we’ve got that, too. Avoid the hassle of online bidding and get cash for your used gear! A portion of proceeds help support the Chicago Rubbermen; all the rest goes back to you – the seller. Want to learn more? Check out a more detailed description at our website (soon) and visit our Facebook group page to see what’s being sold this year. Or better yet, add your own items to generate some buzz! Pictures of your gear are welcome and encouraged! Click on Files > MIR 16 Gear Sale Fall 2012 to get started.

Chicago Rubbermen