Sept 28 – LRA Chicago Hosts Presentation on “The 3 C’s”

The LRA Chicago will be be hosting Master Sindarian and his slave, ciara, as presenters on Saturday, September 28 from 6pm – 8pm.

They will be presenting on the topic “3 C’s -Compatibility Communication, and Commitment.” This presentation will cover “ideas and concepts that one might consider when contemplating entering into a D/s or M/s relationship.”

From the event description: “They say opposites attract, but couples that hold a majority of compatible values and trait are more likely to make it for the long haul. We talk about the idea of creating a list of personal and social values that are important to ones self , assigning a value level and using this “list” when evaluating if a potential partner is right for us. Next we will discuss the importance of learning to communicate effectively in order to understand and be understood and how to resolve conflicts fairly and equitably. Lastly we talk about the importance of commitment to each other and the relationship.”

Master Sindarian holds the title of Indiana Master 2011/2012. He holds a seat on the board of Evansville Munch Bunch, is co-founder and director of MAsT:Evansville, the current Regional Representative for the Great Lakes Region of MAsT and a member of the Terre Haute Munch Group. His greatest achievement is the founding of House of Sindarian of which he is the patriarch. Ciara is the devoted slave of Master Sindarian and also the Indiana slave for 2011/2012. She is the co-founder of MAsT:Evansville and also the secretary/treasurer. Ciara is a member of Terre Haute Munch Group, a member of the Evansville Munch Bunch. She is co-founder and resident house mum for House of Sindarian.

The LRA Chicago presents their educational events as open to all, but asks that if you are not a member, to please RSVP to You must be at least 19 years of age and bring a valid government-issued photo ID with you. The LRA’s rules prohibit alcohol or other controlled substances, and that we do require that each visitor sign a waiver prior to entering. You can visit their website, or email with any questions.