Self-Tie Iowa to hold first event Jan. 11

EASTERN IOWA — Self-Tie Iowa, a bondage group in eastern Iowa, will be hosting a education event in the second week of January.

From their Fetlife event page:

This month we are going to try and work on a self-tie agura (crossed legs.) So please make a point to bring a photo so we have some idea of what end goal you have in mind.

After working on that, we are going to build a tie with laddering in mind.

We are going to try something else to get in the self-tie mood. At the beginning of the meet we will go through the ties that we have already learned just to make sure we are building our skills, not just tying something once and then throwing it out the window. So whip out your single column, get bent in a futo, or feel like a bad ass in the dragonback!

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

If you do not have any rope, please contact me so I can bring some for you to use.

Go to their event page to RSVP to get the location of the event.