Self Defense Training with Chicago Pink Panthers, Sept. 9

CHICAGO — Come on out and practice with us!

We’re going to work on centering ourselves in our bodies, moving with intention, and generating forces to avoid, parry, and push back against physical intrusions into our space.

We’re going to work with what we’ve got to be the change we want to see in the world, we’re going to get stronger and be more confident, and we’re going to be fabulous whilst doing so.

No previous experience necessary.

This will be the first session of a 6-week class meeting every Saturday from 9/9/2017 to 10/14/2017.

This class will cover the fundamentals of human physical conflict, including strikes, blocks, grabs, throws, groundfighting, weapons offense/defense, as well as general strength building, fitness, balance, and tactical awareness.

All of this will be taught with an eye towards intervention and de-escalating conflict wherever it may be found, whether through persuasion or application of pain as a control mechanism.

Let us work together to become protective allies of our brothers and sisters, with the strength and preparation to step up when the need arises.

***Trans folks specifically invited!***

About the teacher:

My name is Michael Una. I’m a cis, queer, martial arts practitioner and have studied several different styles and schools of thought.

Facebook event page:

LGBT Pink Panthers Movement – Chicago