Seattle To Proceed with 2013 event

SEATTLE – Per the Press Release issued by the Leather Leadership Conference on July 31st, the current LLC board has decided to cancel the Seattle conference. The Seattle team regrets that LLC has made this decision and firmly believes that Seattle would have hosted a successful LLC conference. Based on this and feedback from a survey we conducted, the team has decided to move forward with an independent Seattle conference.

We are grateful for the opportunity that working on a conference provides because our local community is stronger as a result. One of the stated objectives of hosting an LLC is to bring diverse organizations in the local community together to collaborate on the conference. In this respect, Seattle has been completely successful. The Seattle team has remained a consistent and diverse collaboration where everyone who was participating at the time of LLC 15, in Los Angeles, is still committed to creating a successful Seattle conference.

The team wants to thank the community for its support and encouragement as we work on the conference and especially since July 31st. We also want to thank former members of the LLC Board for their public and private statements of support. This also includes the support of over 100 respondents to our survey where 77.9% want Seattle to go forward with a leadership conference, with only 6.9% responding that they did not think we should do so.

When the team decided to proceed, we reaffirmed our commitment to the journey that started in 2008 when Libby Warren first encouraged Seattle to host an LLC conference. We are also committed to creating an event that meets a wide range of community building and leadership development opportunities. We still need your input to make this happen, which we invite you to provide through our survey.

Via press release