School of Loving Arts April Workshops Schedule

FORT WAYNE – The School of Loving Arts Whorskhop schedule has been set up for the community in Northeast Indiana sponsored by Boudoir Noir in Fort Wayne.

“Giving Thanks To the O”

Friday April 5th at 8pm

Giving Thanks to the O is a general overview and appreciation for orgasms. This workshop will cover various positions and products that designed for achieving orgasms. After this workshop you should have a deep appreciation for the power of the “O” and have gained some new information for increasing yours.

“Rope Bondage Part 2: Another Knot on the Rope”

Friday April 12th at 8pm

Rope Bondage Part 2. . . is the second of two workshops geared rope bondage and rope play. This workshop will focus on more advance techniques and how to integrate everything into full body and more technically restraint systems and more complicated and artistic means of binding. This workshop will also cover safety, communication as well as what rope bondage and rope play is. There is a demonstration after the workshop for those that wish to stay longer.

“Safe Sex is Sexy”

Friday April 19th at 8pm

Safe Sex is Sexy is a general overview of how to have safe sex without talking away from being sexy or passionate. This is a sexy and fun approach to safe sex, and will show you ways to stay protected without interrupting the night or making things awkward. After this workshop you should have a good understanding of modern forms of safe sex, various products, true risk factors, and how to talk about safe sex. It is sexy to keep you and your partner safe.

“50 Shades O’ Bondage”

Friday April 26th at 8pm

50 Shades O’ Bondage is an introduction to bondage based on the book “50 Shades of Grey”. It will cover how to get over initial nervousness and how to open up communication about a new level of intimacy. Topics will include some basics words and ideas, as well as some of the specific products used or discussed in the book.

**Everyone that attends will receive a goodie bag of samples, products and a gift card for the store. Must be 18 or older to attend. Reservations need to be paid for in advance in order to ensure a spot in the by either calling and paying over the phone or by stopping into the Boudoir Noir North location. Workshop starts at 8pm and last about 1 hour or so, cost is $10 per person unless otherwise noted.…

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