Scene Construction w/ Daddy Kenyon & SwitchyButch, July 8, at GD2

CHICAGO — GD2 has had the pleasure of hosting Daddy Kenyon for classes before, and is excited to welcome them and their partner SwitchyButch for July’s educational event!

Some tops have the ability to weave magic in their scenes, creating phenomenal experiences for those lucky enough to play with them. Ever wonder how they do it? Planning, coupled with the ability to think on your feet! Whether it’s setting up the medical “little shop of horrors” of your dreams or learning how to pace your flogging scene, learning “scene construction” can make you a better, hotter, and more accomplished top!


Daddy Kenyon is a queer, polyamorous, genderqueer, Leather, dyed-in-the-wool switch, and a passionate educator, who alternates between marching in spit-shined combat boots and waltzing backwards in fuck-me pumps, both literally and metaphorically (although she does not recommend this simultaneously). A covered Leather Daddy, and a self-described “omnivorous kinkster,” she enjoys complexity, connection, and pushing the psychological edge of a scene. Daddy Kenyon has been in the public BDSM/kink/leather communities since 2002, and enjoys play ranging from piercing, blood, and medical to heavy impact, bootblacking, and tea service. Her focus has always been on safety and following one’s desires. She presents locally and regionally on her diverse (and perverse) pastimes.

A queer, Butch, Leatherdyke bootblack, and Leatherboy, SwitchyButch has been fiercely kinky for nearly two decades. No matter which side of the slash he’s operating on, SwitchyButch can be found playing hard and getting up close and personal with his fists and boots. He enjoys the filthier things in life, including piercing, fisting, and piss, as well as the finer things, such as cigar service, boot worship, and anticipatory service. A sadomasochist who is a tireless learner and hopelessly curious, he particularly enjoys using his psychology education for more nefarious purposes (Skinner boxes, anyone?) SwitchyButch devotes much of his free time to serving and educating in his local kink and Leather community, as well as presenting at regional events, such as Red, Black, and Blue Ball; Spanksgiving; and Power eXchange Summit. He is proud to hold the title of Bluegrass Leather Bootblack 2016.


Scene Construction: Scheming, Pacing, and Plotting
Presented by Daddy Kenyon and SwitchyButch

Saturday, July 8
6:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.

Galleria Domain Two ( GD2 )
Chicago, Illinois

RSVP preferred but not required
Open to all 18+ w/ID


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