SBK Quarterly Play Party, October 5

South Bend Kink LogoSOUTH BEND – The much-anticipated SBK Play Party is just around the coner!  We will be hosting our first Quarterly play party on the evening of October 5th, and we would like to invite you to come and join us.  We wanted to get this event out with enough notice to give everyone time to still be vetted if they would like to attend.

Our spacious Dungeon will include :

A Rope Area, 2 St. Andrew’s Crosses, 2 Spanking Benches, 2 massage tables. A fully equipped wax play station.

With 7 stations available, there will be plenty of time and opportunity for everyone to play who wants to.  We will also have a separate and adjacent room for socializing and conversation so scenes are uninterrupted.

The Rates are $18 for singles, and $30 for couples.  This is non-refundable.

There is a 48 member limit for this party.

If you want to attend, make sure you don’t wait until the last minute. The tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis.  Slots will fill up quickly!  Online registration will end on September 21st.  See below for registration after this date.

There is a strict policy with the venue against nudity.  Pasties and thongs are the bare minimum that has to be worn.  If you do not have pasties, we will have some available for sale at the party.  Street clothes must be worn before entering or exiting the building, this includes smoking breaks.

As we have discussed, there is a vetting and registration process in order to attend.  It has always been our goal to provide a safe and comfortable environment at our events.  The vetting program is the solution we have found to ensure that.

In order to be vetted to attend this party, a member must have done one of the following:

1.  Attended at least 2 SBK events in the past.  This includes munches, ladies night out, class and demo events, and discussion groups. OR 2.  Provide 2 references from members in the Northern Indiana/Michigan community that we feel are reliable references.  We would prefer that these references have attended our events as well.

Please be sure to read the steps for vetting and registration below so the process can go expediently.  This is a PRIVATE party, so discretion lies with the South Bend Kink Leadership of who is, and is not, vetted to attend.


Vetting & Registration Process:

1.  RSVP as “Going” on the fetlife event page.

We will not begin the vetting process until you know for sure that you can and will make it.  Because we have a limited registration, We do not want to fill up slots with people who might not be there.  “Might be going” RSVP’s will not begin the next step of registration.  Once this is changed to “going”, it will begin.

2.  Look for approval email.

You will receive an email via fetlife from Sirs_julianna or Sir_Dave_SB letting you know if you are approved through the vetting process.  An approval letter will be the case for almost everyone in the group, so do not be afraid that you won’t make the cut.  If you have any questions about this please email Sirs_julianna and we can discuss it directly.

3.  Register and pay for the event.

You will receive the registration information in the approval email.  This will give you the location details, more detailed party information, and registration information to sign up.

4.  Watch for your confirmation email.

We will email you once we have received your payment and give you a guest number and the final confirmation that you are completely confirmed as going!

If slots are still available on September 21st:, we will move to a “late registration” procedure.  The online registration will end at that time, so you may pay in cash after the 21st, but if MUST be received by the discussion group on September 26th.  We will be accepting NO payments at the door, so everyone has to pre-register.

We will still require a Photo ID at the door to verify age and identity once you arrive.  If you would like to speed up the door process and print and fill out the forms at home, here is the link to the PDF files.  You only need to fill out the “Attended Information Form” if you have never attended a class or demo in the past.  The “Play Party Dungeon Rules” and “General Waiver” are both required at the door to enter.  If you want to fill out these and scan them in an email, you can send it to

Feel free to email Sirs_julianna, or any of the other South Bend Kink Leaders with any questions you have.  We want this first party to go as smoothly, and flawlessly as possible.

We can’t wait to see you all on October 5th!