SBK Play Party Canceled

South Bend Kink LogoSOUTH BEND – I know that everyone is aware that the weather has been extreme this winter.  We were hoping that the worst of it would have passed by now, but it appears that it will not be letting up by this weekend.

We have too many members coming from out of town to attend this event, and driving an hour or more to get here.  It is the decision of the SBK leadership that we need to keep our beloved members off of the road in this extreme weather.

We are going to cancel this quarters play party, and start back up on May 3rd when the weather has improved substantially.

Everyone who has paid for a ticket will automatically be signed up for this event.  If there are any issues whatesoever, please contact me and we will work something out. We will work with you!

I am so sad that the weather has put us in this position, yet again, but I also want to thank everyone for your understanding.

Please stay safe and warm this weekend!

SBK – South Bend Kink (Indiana)