SBK Discussion Group, Sept. 25

South Bend Kink LogoSOUTH BEND – This month we are going to to have an open forum. These are our most favorite because everyone may ask anything kink related they want and the group answers.

As always we enjoy exploring different aspects of the lifestyle as well as the many styles of play. Bring a Kink Friendly Friend and join us in a lively, sometimes funny, and always a wonderful discussion!!

One question I would like the group to ponder and discuss is future discussion topics.

Bring on any question you may have. There is no stupid or silly question.

Some examples may be:
What are the differences between Dom, Master, Kinkster, Slave, Sub, Switch, etc . . .
How do I know I am a sub at heart?
Do all D/s relationships involve sex?
Can a Master love a sub, when she is not a slave at heart?
How does a slave function if their owner passes away?
How do you end a play partner relationship that is not working for you?
How does a Dom, Dom when they have no sub?
How does a sub, sub when they have no Dom?
Do Switches have the best of both worlds?
Where may I learn new play skills?

. . . and any other questions you can come up with.

Many people ask about coming late. We do not mind at all! Just keep in mind that you might need to ask a few questions to get caught up when you arrive.

As Always, you may ask questions and offer your experiences or just be laid back and listen. No pressure to join in. However the more the merrier!!

We Officially start the Discussion at 6:30pm and try to end by 8:30pm, however we sometimes run over. We try to get food and drinks ordered before we start so we can continue the discussion without too many interruptions.

Fetlife Event Page:

Date & Time: Thursday, September 25, 2014 · 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM  
Perkins Restaurant

423 South Dixie Way, South Bend, IN   @ map

Cost: Seperate Checks + Gratuity
Dress code: Vanilla Casual