SBK Class & Demo: Protocol & Etiquette, April 12

South Bend Kink LogoSOUTH BEND – Classical Lifestyle training was similar to the Willow World of the Geisha. It was a Finishing School for those who sought to enhance their service skills. It was about cleaning the cat box and graduating to cleaning the Master’s implements of play. It was about mindset and learning about you.

I was blessed. I was fortunate. I had the opportunity to train with someone 40 years ago who shared with me His love of the Lifestyle and took me under His wing so that I might grow and evolve into who I am today. His only request was that I share my knowledge with others so that it would not die and be lost forever.

It is an honor to teach. It is an honor to share with others what one has learned. It is an honor to be able to open a window into what was my world. So much has changed today and things will change even more tomorrow. For now, join me. Give me your hand and walk with me behind the doors of a world most can only imagine. Bring your questions. Be vulnerable and open to learning.

This class will also include a “formal” presentation of a submissive to her Master. It will also bring to light the “thought” behind some of our protocols and rituals. ================================

Dame Falcon was trained as a Mistress over a 5 year period of time in the House of the White Dragon. She maintained her own Household, The House of Falcon, for 15 years before laying down her mantle and following her heart as a slave. Over the years, she has presented at events, sharing her knowledge and love of the lifestyle. Today, she serves Sir Joseph, is Mistress of His House, and manages the Fetish Playroom in Kalamazoo. =================================

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