Satyricon Madison presents Wax Play with Eid – Saturday, Jan 11, 2013

Satyricon ( presents “Wax Play” with Eid (

Eid is a switch who discovered he liked the pleasure of both hot and cold sensations. He found his niche with wax. Eid has presented wax play at Madtown Kinkfest ( and at WI.N.K Wisconsin Network of Kinksters (

Eid will bring his British accent and his extensive Wax wisdom to Satyricon on January 11th. Eid likes to present Hot Wax Play from a bottom’s perspective or as he likes to say “My ‘ass-ended view’.”

Our usual Meet n’ Greet at Ground Zero Coffee (744 Williamson Street, Madison, WI 53703) will run from 2-3pm before the meeting for all new members. Directions to the meeting place will be given to you at Ground Zero. If you haven’t been there before, just look for the smiling face of WickedWanda. The meeting is on Saturday, January 12th at 3:30pm-5:30pm at the same place we have been for years with dinner to follow.

The Satyricon Board looks forward to seeing you there!