Saturday at ABW

CHICAGO – The Leather Archives & Museum was host to part one of the American Brotherhood Weekend contest. The four contestants for American Leatherman and American Leatherwoman answered questions from judges and emcee Karen Ultradomme.

The contestants for American Leatherman are Brent Gannetta of San Francisco, Mr. Powerhouse Leather 2012, and Jeff Donaldson of Atlanta, Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2012. The contestants for Amercian Leatherwoman are Toni Solenne of Philadelphia, Mid Atlantic Leatherwoman 2012, and Doc of Pittsburgh, Ms. Pittsburgh Leather/Fetish 2012.

Contestants came out in hot wear and bar wear. They also auction off their baskets to help raise money for the ABW travel fund. Appeals were also made for the Leather Hearts Foundation, a group that offers support and help for leather people in crisis, the Women’s Leather History Project and the LA&M.

Glenda Rider also made an announcement that International Ms. Leather will remain at the Holiday Inn and will be held from April  18 through 21, 2013. More details at

The Chicago Den will announce the winner after part two on Sunday through Facebook and Twitter with a story following. Check out Saturday’s photos and stay tuned for video coverage later in the week.

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