Sash Bash 2018

IOWA CITY, Iowa — SASH BASH WEEKEND an event for our leather family and friends to come together and celebrate, socialize and bring kink to Eastern Iowa area. The weekend featured a variety of events including a welcome party, educational workshops, and the PUPPY PAWLIMPICS.

SASH BASH WEEKEND started with the MEAT & GREET/SMOKE OUT event on Friday evening, March 2, 2018 at Studio 13. We got to know many current titleholders and enjoy a cigar on the patio before seeing some of the region’s best performers. The venue was packed as Titleholders from around the region including Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, and Illinois.

The main event was held Saturday evening, March 3rd at Studio 13 in downtown Iowa City, IA, featuring a JOCK OFF (jock strap/gear auction) and performances by some of the area’s top performers. Proceeds from Saturday night’s event went to benefit Iowa Safe Schools and the Leather Archives and Museum, in total raising $2200 for each of the Charities.

The Models for the Jock Strap Auction were from all around the region, the included: Mr Iowa Leather 2018, Mr Wisconsin Leather 2018, Mr Twin Cities Leather 2018, Mr Nebraska 2018, Mr Missouri Leather 2018, Mr Northwoods Leather 2017, Mr Gays Days Leather 2017, Mr Midwest Olympus 2018, and Pup Wags. There was a ton of bidding for all of the jocks with the biggest jock drawing in more than $1200 dollars with a bidding war between two attendees. It was such an amazing event!

Sunday morning featured a Gospel Drag Brunch with a home cooked breakfast, and some roof-raising gospel inspired performances. Attendees went to CHURCH before they hit the road!

I took a moment to discuss with the creator of the Sash Pash, Papa Bear Rob Anderson, some of the reasons why he throws the sash bash:

Why do you throw the Sash Bash?

SASH BASH WEEKEND started as because of an experience I had just after I won the title of Mr. Iowa Leather 2016. I visited Palm Springs Leather Pride Weekend and the idea came from an Iowa native that had relocated to Palm Springs and was involved in the leather community there. I received such amazing hospitality during that visit that I wanted to provide the same experience for others and wanted to host them in the great state of Iowa. I wanted the event to bring people together from across the Midwest region and give titleholders the opportunity to be celebrated for their accomplishments while also giving them the opportunity to participate in fundraising and contest preparation.

What were the charities?

The two charities that benefited from the proceeds raised during SASH BASH WEEKEND were Iowa Safe Schools and the Leather Archives and Museum. Iowa Safe Schools is a non-profit based in Des Moines that provides education and outreach centered around anti-bullying of LGBTQ students. The Leather Archives and Museum works to preserve our leather history and serve as a resource for individuals and organizations seeking information about leather culture, history, and more.

How much was raised?

The event raised enough money to be able to make contributions in the amount of $2200.00 for each organization.

Can you tell me a little bit about the attendees to this event?

Over 70 individuals from across Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, and Illinois registered for the event. The event was presented with support from The Castaways MC of Milwaukee, Titans of the Midwest, The Cornhaulers L&L of Des Moines, The Imperial Court of Iowa, The Capital Bears of Des Moines, Blue Max of St. Louis, and Iowa Leather Weekend. Additional support provided by Studio 13 Nightclub of Iowa City and Physical Attractions of Rockford.

What made you add the Pawlympics?

Pawlympics and SASH BASH coming together was an idea that was pitched by the current Iowa Puppy 2018 – Mal Orion. It made sense to make the weekend bigger and bring more people together. It was a great way to highlight our awesome puppies. (Video of puplympic highlights)

Anything else you wanna discuss about the event?

The weekend is meant to feel like a family reunion and having my family involved was very important to me. My mom and sister prepared all the food for the Sunday Brunch and enjoyed being able to meet my leather family. If the event continues to grow, it may be difficult to keep that aspect going.