Midwest Leather Weekend Coming Soon!

ST. LOUIS – Midwest Leather Weekend; Hot Men, Fetishes

The first weekend in October, 2013, will see a huge celebration of Leather, Kink, Fetish and more at the Midwest Leather Weekend in St. Louis, Missouri. Centered on two big contests, the weekend will include events, seminars by leading Kink specialists and parties for Leatherfolk from around the country.

Organizers of the Weekend, featuring the Mr Midwest Leather Contest and Midwest Puppy Contest, announce an impressive roster of judges for the events.

Sir Jeffrey Payne, International Mr. Leather 2009

International Puppy Slavepup Axel

Matt Hengle, Mr Midwest Leather 2012

Pup Hercules, aka Alex Wintermantel, Midwest Puppy 2012

Karen Ultra, twice Leather Pantheon award winner

Scott O’Brien, Mr. Missouri Leather 2012

Midwest Leather Weekend takes place October 4-6, 2013, in St. Louis, Missouri.

This year the two contests, Midwest Puppy and Mr Midwest Leather, will be on Saturday night at Bad Dog Bar & Grill in St. Louis. For the first time the two contests will take place before the same panel of judges. While participants from one contest are off stage preparing for the next segment, the participants from the other contest will be on stage. Twice the fun and more hot men on one special night.

The Midwest Puppy Contest is one of the first regional Leather & Rubber Puppy contests and is accredited by International Puppy in Tampa, Florida.

Mr Midwest Leather Contest has earned national stature through the work of the men representing the title at IML and in community involvement throughout the Midwest.

Both contests are open to members of the Leather Community in thirteen Midwestern states; Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio & Wisconsin,.

Visit www.MidwestLeatherWeekend.com for more information.