Safe and Sane The Munch Group starting in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — A new munch group is forming in Bowling Green, Ky.

From their Fetlife post:

This is a munch group for those who live in the geographic area in and around Bowling Green, KY. No one will be turned away because they live too far but bear in mind that the majority of events (munches, sloshes, round table discussions, play parties and live demonstrations) will be in Bowling Green, KY.

This group is for the Safe & Sane practitioners of BDSM and those who want to learn how to live the lifestyle in such a manner.

As previously mentioned, the facilitators of the munch group intend on holding the following events:

  • Munches. The munches will be held at various locations to allow a variety in food. If there is a place you think that might be a good location (public restaurant) to hold a munch, then feel free to mention it to the munch group coordinators.
  • Sloshes. Sloshes are a more relaxed approach to munches. Sloshes will be limited to individuals who are of legal drinking age and all attendees are responsible for their alcohol intake.
  • Round Table Discussions. There will be a wide range of issues discussed; some relating to the various aspects of living the BDSM lifestyle and others relating to local issues relating to members of the lifestyle. If there is an issue that is near and dear to your heart and would like to see it discussed and/or want to lead a discussion on it, feel free to let one of the group coordinators know.
  • Play Parties. These events will be held in private residences and other venues as opportunity presents.
  • Live Demonstrations. These events will be held in private residences and other venues as opportunity presents.

Members will encouraged to participate and may be asked to lead a discussion group or give a demonstration.

Members will NOT be asked to pay dues, join a club or to work on someone’s house for free.

The group facilitators are exactly that; facilitators. They are not “dictators in chief” (no nasty PMs telling you that you can’t say that or you’re doing it wrong, etc) and they are not the end all be all of BDSM. They are, however, willing to work to make the BDSM community in Bowling Green, Kentucky something that it hasn’t been for quite awhile and that is vibrant. The facilitators are volunteers. No money is going to be asked for dues; the only costs that activity participants will incur will be that which they so choose to spend on their food, drink and other “fun” stuff. Lastly, the facilitators are all from Bowling Green and have roots in the Bowling Green community as a whole.

We are looking to have our first munch the first Saturday of March.

You can join the Fet group for the munch here