S.O.U.L. Indiana founded for POC kinksters

INDIANAPOLIS — A new group for people of color in the kink community has been established in Indiana.

From the announcement on Fetlife:

The mission of S.O.U.L. Indiana (SHADES OF A UNIFIED LIFESTYLE) is to establish a strong foundation upon which African-American, Hispanic / Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, & Native American Kinksters & their supporters regardless of gender-identity, sexuality, fetish, or Kink, can collectively congregate; to educate one another, to find strength in numbers, & to build a stronger POC presence in the greater Central Indiana BDSM community, exhibiting a welcome atmosphere & a positive image of us, & who we are. S.O.U.L. Indiana emphasizes the importance of SSC & RACK among its members, & at its events, as well as any events any member attends. S.O.U.L. Indiana understands the need to grow in the BDSM lifestyle; therefore, the knowledge of many of our members as well as guest speakers will be utilized in lectures & demonstrations. As well, S.O.U.L. Indiana Munches are meant to be a safe, friendly & respectful event for us to come together to connect, network among ourselves, be with old friends & make new ones in a pressure-free environment. Regular clothing is mandated, but collars are allowed.

I invite you to join our new FL Group:


Best regards,
Mr. Lecherous