“Rules, Rituals and Contracts” w/ Peter Raven and slave evangeline – 8/27/11 @ 6pm

CHICAGO – LRA, Chicago’s oldest pansexual BDSM club, in furtherance of its mission of providing educational and social opportunities to the Chicago Alternative Community proudly announces “Rules, Rituals and Contracts” with Peter Raven and slave evangeline on Saturday, August 27, 2011 at 6pm.

We want to share with you, from our personal experience, just how important the rules and rituals we put into our daily lives where our chosen life style is concerned are, how they can make things run smoothly or, at times make things rough. We want to talk about how to negotiate them so that both parties are receiving as much of what they need out of the relationship as possible. Whether it is a relationship for the short term (one scene) or one you plan on having for a lifetime, rules, rituals and the spoken or written contract are very important. They help give you peace of mind, help guide you where you want to be and set firmly what is expected. Especially in a community in which much of what we do is literally dangerous, it is more important than in any other relationship to have some form of rules and some contractual negotiation as well as the rituals in which much of what we do involves.

We will address some of the things that ought to be discussed when entering into short term as well as long term contracts with one another. We will discuss the importance of rules and what to do when they are broken. We will also discuss the major importance of rituals within a BDSM household and exactly what to do when something happens to keep those things from being fulfilled.

We hope you join us for an entertaining and informative hour or two.

Peter Raven and His slave evangeline have been living in an M/s relationship for 4 years. Peter has been in the lifestyle in one form or another about 15 years with various different partners. evangeline has been in it for 12 years, though until she met Peter, had not been in a M/s relationship. Having met on ALT.com, they are a rarity of online dating and have made their lifestyle work for them in a family setting. They have several presentations about living in the lifestyle including “M/s dynamic in a vanilla world: how to be true to yourself yet not bring others into your ‘scene’ unconsensually”, “ personal grooming as service” , “Addiction within the BDSM world”, “Using kink as a cathartic release” and “Rules, Rituals and Contracts”.

Peter is on the board of the LRA in Chicago and serves as officer of the day at least once a month. Evangeline chairs a 12 step meeting for people in the lifestyle called RiTL (Recovery in the Lifestyle) which meets on the first Thursday of every month at LRA. evangeline is also a DM at the LRA. They both try to participate regularly in a monthly round table discussion group hosted jointly by the LRA and GD2 of Chicago. They have been very active in attending and assisting in educational series put on by both clubs as well. They have been out in the community at large for 3 years and have never shied away from offering whatever they can to help out where it is needed.

They have attended IML the past three years, the Pantheon awards in 2009, the LRA fetish Ball 2009, 2010 and 2011 and are in the process of forming a new MAsT chapter in Buffalo Grove. They volunteer regularly in their community.

DATE: Saturday, August 27, 2011

COST: There is NEVER a fee to attend LRA’s seminars, it is part of our
 mission to encourage and assist education and exploration in the area of
 human sexuality. However, donations are appreciated.

TIME: 6:00-8:00 PM

 6525 N. Clark Street
 Chicago, Illinois


RSVP is not necessary but appreciated to guest-registry@lra-chicago.org.

Throughout the seminar and at its conclusion you will have the opportunity
 to ask questions and get actual hands on practice. The fun and learning
 does not end there though, for all first time seminar attendees you will
 receive an invitation to return to the LRA that evening you to practice
 all of what you have learned in our play space. This will give you a
 chance to try out what you have just learned as well as meet other members
 of the club.

All we ask is that you sign our standard guest waiver, have government
 issued photo identification, to prove that you are over 19 years of age,
 and that you respect the fact that the LRA is an alcohol and drug free
 space and that no alcohol or drugs may be brought into the space or
 ingested at the LRA.

So if the idea of a little slap and tickle with your partner intrigues
 you, you own more then one copy of the Story of O, or you are just a
 sincere adult who wants to explore their sexuality please feel free to
 join us. The LRA welcomes all interested adults so please feel free to
 cross-post this announcement to any other lists or persons you think might
 be interested.

The LRA is a private social club for like minded individuals who are
 dedicated to the celebration of alternative lifestyles, welcoming people
 of all genders and orientations.

The LRA reserves the right to deny any individual admission at our sole

For more information please go to www.lra-chicago.org.