Rough Crowd October: Breath Play

Rough Crowd LogoCHICAGO – Sometimes when you’re doing rough body play, and someone starts getting all rowdy (or horny) you just need to choke someone out.

Breath play, like so much of rough body play, is very primal and animalistic; the need to breathe is core to life, and tapping into that fear can lead to all sorts of fun! It can be disorienting, terrifying, fuzzy-floating… for some people it brings on heightened sensation and submission. For others, it brings an incredible sense of intimacy, focus, and connection.

Due to the nature of breath play, bringing your own play partner is highly encouraged for this workshop.

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Who is Welcome

All genders, ages, experience levels, races, shoe sizes, sexual orientations and preferences, partnership status, poly, D/s, M/s, height, eye color, religions, pet preferences, fitness levels, tax brackets, and pizza topping choices are welcome (even all veggie pizza, if that’s your thing; your pizza is not my pizza, and that’s OK).

Come to Rough Crowd for an afternoon of pervy delight, friendly faces, and cordial violence. All are welcome: new and returning, all experience levels. This is an education-focused event!

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Date & Time: Sunday, October 19, 2014 · 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM  
The Studio, Chicago

Chicago (register for directions)   @ map

Cost: Ten Big Bucks, cash at the door.
Dress code: Be comfortable, able to move.