Rough Crowd May: Backhanding, Redux

CHICAGO – Let’s face it – backhanding looks really cool when it’s done well. We see it in the movies, but how safe is it to do in a scene? It turns out, backhanding is amazingly potent, and safe when done correctly.

In this class we’ll look at backhanding as an impact style and how the biomechanics differ from open-handed palm-side-first impact play. Come to this class to learn some wonderful techniques for backhanding on the shoulder, back, ass, foot, and other body parts. Time permitting, we may cover more advanced backhanding techniques such as using the hand as a whip, dragon’s tail, cat, and backhanding of genitals and even faces.

We’ll talk about safety, as always: where you can hit, where you should stay away from, and why there are places where you can hit open handed that you can’t backhanded.

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Come to Rough Crowd for an afternoon of pervy delight, friendly faces, and cordial violence. All are welcome: new and returning, all experience levels. This is an education-focused event!

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