Rough Crowd March 11: The Feet!

Yes, Bastinado, the art of beating the foot. Incredibly potent, and traditionally practiced with a stick, whip, length of wire, rubber hose – anything painful, really. Being Rough Body Play folks, we’re going to look at hitting their feet with… us. Skin-on-skin, body to body.
Like the thought of your feet getting hit? Or hitting someone’s feet? Or hate the thought? Does it give you the howling fantods (thanks, @MrsB!)? Then come on by!
Whether you’re thinking bastinado, falanga, or falaka, foot torture has quite the history all over the globe. But international torture can be fun at home! We’ll look at technique, restraint methods, and how to use some things you can find around the house to help you! You don’t need fancy wooden stocks attached to your bed.
Not that any of us have those. Nooooooo….
Also, if you’re practiced in bastinado, please join us to share your misery… er, experience.

  • 18 & up
  • Cheap (ten bucks!)
  • Open to all levels of skill and experience

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