Rough Crowd: June is Squeezy

Chicago TNG
Reprinted with permission

CHICAGO – Stingey and thuddy, thuddy and stingy … the classic duo of rough body play.

Instead of doing Rough Crowd on specific techniques for April and May, we’re doing a matched pair of styles.

April was different kinds of thuddy play, and May was all kinds of stingy play. But we left something out.


  • grabbing and holding
  • biting
  • skin torture
  • pressure
  • more!

If you’re into rough body play, or just interested, come to Rough Crowd for an overview, instruction, and practice time for a wide range of squeezy play. Safety and technique will be first, and then ideas and practice time. No experience necessary; you’ll have some by the time you leave. Bringing a play partner is recommended but not required.

Join us May 13th for stingy.

Rough Crowd is:

  • 18 & up
  • Cheap (ten bucks!)
  • Open to all levels of skill and experience


Please see the group discussion post here for more information.

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