Rough Crowd June: Grappling!

CHICAGO – One of the class requests I’ve gotten a lot is for grappling and wrestling. I’ve been trying to arrange this for a long time, and it’s finally here. I’m delighted to be able to bring in the amazing DoNotGoGently from Pittsburgh, where she does a lot of impressive stuff. Please go to the discussion in the Rough Crowd group for full event information and more information on our guest presenter, DoNotGoGently.

You wanna wrassle? Have an urge to control another’s body using nothing but your own? DNGG shows you some of the basics of wrestling and grappling. We’ll start with common vocabulary and traditional dominance positioning, then up the ante by exploring ways to “supercharge” your grappling by including MMA style strikes, pressure points, and joint locks. You don’t have to get in the ring, but it’s much more fun than sitting on the sidelines!

About DoNotGoGently

DoNotGoGently (DNGG) is a overeducated but down-to-earth kinkster and pop culture aficionado. She considers herself a kinky, semi-radical, sex-positive, monoflexible, womanist femme although most people mistake her for the girl-next-door. When she’s not hard at work, you can find her reading comics, watching sci-fi, generally geeking out, or plotting how best to execute her plan to become a modern-day Amazon warrior.

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Come to Rough Crowd for an afternoon of pervy delight, friendly faces, and cordial violence. All are welcome: new and returning, all experience levels. This is an education-focused event!

Questions? Hop on the event discussion post (above) in the Rough Crowd group, and discuss away.