Rough Crowd Field Trip: A Tattoo Parlor

CHICAGO – I really love things that are different. Things that de-mystify, take you behind the curtain (so to speak), provide a unique experience without having to actually commit. Like trying a real tattoo but without the time, cost, or permanence.

Hey wait. Tattoos….

I got to thinking: what about tattoos? Personally, I’ve always wanted one, but I don’t know how I’d feel about actually getting one (remember my “don’t hurt the Dom” rule). Maybe I’m too big a sissypants to get one. Seems the only way to find out if you want to get one is to actually get one. There’s no way to just… try it.

So I thought, let’s fix that.

I have a long-time buddy, Bob Jones (seriously, not in Witness Protection), who has a tattoo shop and piercing studio. I ran this by him and he was like “dude, that sounds totally cool. I’m in.” That was all I needed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rebellious Youths Not Yet Grown Up, and The Rest Of You Perverts, May I Present: The Rough Crowd Field Trip!

On the evening of Sunday, January 27th, all who would like to are invited to join us at Insight Studios for an evening of social interaction, free blank tattoos, and more!

  • Free blank tattoos for anyone who’s curious (more below)
  • Totally not-like-a-biker-tattoo-shop environment
  • Information on permanent piercings (with Bob, and karkus who is here in Chicago now!)
  • Information on tattoo removal (you know you have *one* you don’t like anymore…)
  • A special something for everyone who comes
  • And Rough Crowd cupcakes!

What’s a blank tattoo?

I always wondered what it felt like getting a tattoo. Could someone just run a tattoo machine with water, no ink, on me for a few minutes to see exactly what it’s like? Who’s going to walk into a shop and ask a busy artist to waste his or her time like that?

Apparently, I am. On behalf of all of you.

Real tattoo machine, real needles, real tattoo artist. Just no ink in the machine. You like it, you can go on and get a real tattoo. You don’t like it, no harm no foul. Well, maybe some blood. Waddya, wanna live forever?

A Great Shop

Even if you already have ink, if you don’t know these guys, you should. Bob’s whole vision for Insight Studios was to make a shop that’s not intimidating, not dark and scary to walk into, and that’s what he built. You should come and check it out if you’ve never been, or come hang out if you already know them.

You want proof? Check out their Yelp pages: 5 stars at 371 reviews. Dude.

Tattoo Removal

I remember hanging with Bob in the 90′s at a shop where he used to work; he was watching all the people getting the trendy tribal work done, and saying that half those people were going to need those removed one day. He wanted to open a shop that not only did tattoos, but did removal too. His shop is currently the only tattoo shop in Illinois doing tattoo removal too. (You should see the laser. It’s freaking cool. Sadly, no sharks.)


Goodie bag? Friendly chatting – like a munch, but over tattoos and piercings and such. We’ll have soda and special Rough Crowd cupcakes (srsly people…) and a goodie bag for everyone. Well, not a bag per se, but… well, you’ll like it.

Where and When?

Sunday, January 27, 8:00 pm – 10:30pm Insight Studios 1062 N. Milwaukee Avenue Chicago IL 60642


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FetLife Event Page?

No RSVP required, but if you’re on FetLife, tell everyone you’re coming on the event page!

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