Rough Crowd December: Building A Scene

CHICAGO – People always ask – all this is great, but how do you build a scene with it?

Well… let’s talk about that.

There’s no one way to build a scene, so we’re going to have a roundtable (well, while sitting on the floor – you know what I mean). We’ll start with some ideas and frameworks, and open it up from there: how do you build a scene? How do you – as a Top or a bottom – like a scene to go? What do you love it when they do? What do you just hate it when they do? What derails a scene for you and how have you learned to get back on track in the middle?

Bring your ideas, your favorites, your stumpers… your questions and your experiences, and we’ll all learn a thing or two from each other about building a scene and exchanging the love. Where by “love” we mean “beating the hell out of each other.”

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