Rope Classes Posted for MK WhipNik, May 5

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Rope Class List ☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆

101 Rope Basics and Fundamentals

Presenter: Rigger_Ares and Highwire

GOT ROPE? Does the thought of rope excite you? Intimidate you? Scare you? In just a matter of minutes you can learn safety, skills, and speed techniques that can provide you with a lifetime of fun and excitement for you and a partner. Whether you are active only in the bedroom from time to time, want to take some sensual or erotic pics or a full blown exhibitionist, this class is for you. We will cover rope types, safety and a few ties to get you started on your way! No previous rope experience is necessary. If neckties give you fits, if your favorite knot is a not a knot, even if you can’t tie your shoes, you can learn how to tie your partner safely and have fun with it.


201I can tie a Knot, now What?

Presenter: RopeRaiden and Phoenix

This class discusses the versatility of rope and is for people who can do some tying. They know different ties but have no clue how to combine them to create different rope ties and scenes. We will show you different ways to use your rope, demo some ties as well as give you an opportunity to try a tie or two along side of us. Rope is broken down into three aspects. The first is Decorative that discusses pretty harnesses, karadas, rope clothing, and gauntlets and discusses the artistic side of rope as well. The second aspect is Sensual and how to connect with your partner. These are practical ties that allow for floating and total enjoyment of rope. The third aspect discussed is the sadistic side and how to incorporate flogging, knives, and predicament and other sadistic flows into the play. This will be a demo and hands on class. If you wish to do some of the ties with us please bring at least two 30′  lengths of 6mm (5/8 inch) rope. We will have some with us but not enough for everyone.

☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆ ~Rope classes are included in the admission fee of event. Participants are responsible for bringing 2-30 foot lengths of 6mm rope to participate in class. Rope vendor will be at event for those wishing to purchase rope. ☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆•.¸¸.•☆

Presenter Bios

Ares is a straight rope artist from Northwest Indiana and has been involved in the community for six years and discovered the joys of rope after a year of learning different activities. He has always had a thing for bondage since before he knew such a thing existed. As a young adult he became fascinated with bondage and couldn’t keep away from the rope aisles at hardware stores. He currently leads the CRASS group at LRA in Chicago, whose mission it is to educate the community in Shibari, Kinbaku and other forms of rope bondage techniques and safety, with his partner in crime, Highwire.

Highwire has been involved in the community for six years and has been doing rope for most of that time. She bonded with rope almost the first time it was placed on her body. In those six years, she has worked with over 25 artists, riggers and photographers, as well as help organize and perform at Detroit’s Dirty Show and numerous smaller shows around the country. In her spare time she also does burlesque, flesh hooks, collects bruises and rope acrobatics.

RopeRaiden & Phoenix both found an interest in the lifestyle in the early 2000’s with their journey into the Art of Kinbaku/Shibari (Rope Bondage) commencing soon after. What began as a simple tie in a small living room has blossomed into a beautiful lifestyle choice. They have been fortunate to study and/or learn from some of the best Kinbaku Masters in the world including Master Tatu, Lochai, Graydancer, Mark of DV8 house (Australia) and Zamil (Germany). They feel blessed to have found the rope world!

They have taught locally at numerous groups and smaller events including Dark Nirvana, Life Dark, Deviations, RMR, GRALE and GD2 in Chicago. They have also been presenters at national events like Kinky Kollege and the world’s premier Shibari event Shibaricon. In addition to teaching many times throughout the year, they do multiple suspension performances, teach private lessons and founded a 400 person Rope Education Group in 2007 that is still going today.

Raiden & Phoenix are both accomplished rope artists that bring a different perspective of rope. Not only do they teach the mechanics and safety, but discuss how rope brings a different energy to your play that allows for connection between two people. They love sharing their experiences and knowledge with others and enjoy that “aha” moment of discovery in the rope bondage journey of their students or peers.

Michiana Kinksters