Rope Bottoming Weekend Intensive with Linworth at GD2

CHICAGO — Galleria Domain 2 will be hosting a rope bottoming weekend intensive the weekend of July 13-15.

From the Fetlife post:



JULY 13 – JULY 15

$45 per person

Must either be a current member or purchase a membership

GD2 is excited to host Linworth, from Ohio, for a very special weekend intensive. You don’t need to be a bottom, or even interested in rope, to attend! Anyone who wants to learn about skills for bottoming is encouraged to come out.

This full weekend workshop focusing on the being-tied side of rope will offer beginner through intermediate-advanced bottoms and tops useful information to build their skills. The information is presented in a progressive fashion, one section building on the other for a complete understanding of content.

Join us education centered around bottoms, the hit Rope Bite skill share and lab, and two play parties!

See event details on our website.


Registration Link

The entire Rope Bottoming Weekend Intensive is only $45 per person

To cover all the legal bases in Chicago, this intensive is open only to GD2 Trial, Regular and Platinum members. If you are not yet a member of GD2 we’ve made it easy for you!

A GD2 membership — Trial, Regular, or Platinum — is available in conjunction with this event at a discounted rate. You can find details about membership on GD2’s membership page.

Please note: The last day you can sign up to become a member in time for this intensive is Thursday, July 12.